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Raid Shadow Legends


RAID: Shadow Legends

Raid: Shadow Legends is a fantasy theme-based role-playing game that involves the gacha mechanics. This game's storyline takes place in the fictitious realm of Teleria that has been overpowered and conquered by the Dark Lord Siroth. As a player, you play the role of an ancient Telerian warrior rejuvenated to defeat the Dark Lord Siroth. During the gameplay, players assemble their army for battle against the Dark Lord in various settings like castles, temples, dungeons, deserts, etc. Throughout the game, players gather shards and vessels. shards come in four different types where each type possesses distinct properties while the vessels contain the past warriors' souls. This game employs two forms of currency; silver and gems. As a player, it's a lot more difficult for you to acquire gems compared to silver. To run any campaign during the gameplay, you require energy, and it runs out very quickly as you progress in the campaign or dungeon stages. Therefore, you must use your energy very carefully because you can't advance in the campaign once you are out of power.

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