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State of Survival

State Of Survival

Special Variant Models Introduced for Heroes

FunPlus recently unveiled fresh variations for their State Of Survival heroes, introducing captivating makeovers for three individuals within the game: Jeb Nelson, Trisha, and Wolfe. These special variants not only present novel appearances but also come with distinct tactical abilities. Upgrading all three characters is possible using the Limitless Capsules obtained through bundles, in-game events, and various sources. Comprehensive information about each character is provided below.

Jeb Nelson: An Ordinary Master

Jeb discovered joy in life's uncomplicated delights: a chilled beer, newly baked bread, and late-night films. What Jeb yearned for above all was the usual life he once relished in times gone by. The Settlement's inhabitants deemed him an aged rural dweller, unaware that Jeb possessed the expertise of a proficient weapon craftsman, capable of crafting creations rivaling the best in the world...

Trish: Infected No More

The virus proved to be merciless. Dealing with those afflicted, even a moment's pause could result in fatal outcomes. Amputation, although stern and debated, became Trish's sole path ahead.

Wolfe: The Soldier That Lost Control

Profound fear... it was the sole sensation that coursed through the veins of Wolfe's valiant comrades as they met their end at his hands during the experiment. Now, Wolfe navigates existence engulfed in a fervent animosity toward GigaCorp. Often, his thoughts wander astray from clarity. And when he regains composure, he's consumed by an obsession with his altered arm. The question endlessly echoes: "Who am I?"

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