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State of survival


Klondike: The Lost Expedition

If you are an experienced gamer, it’s likely that you have seen a great number of virtual locations, but have you ever experienced the stunning nature of Alaska? The world of Klondike throws you into an intense predicament. You are alone in the snow swept state during the time of the gold rush, and are now in search of your father’s long-lost expedition. While everyone else believes that there is nothing to be found, still the desire to discover them, the desire to find answers burns in your heart, it’s time to know. This game is about far more than hunting and discovering however, you must develop the ability to adapt to harsh winters, building up your farm so that you can sustain yourself in-between missions. Alongside this, you can complete side quests along the way in order to both increase productivity and immerse yourself further in the incredible world around you. With every step you take, you will explore new regions of Alaska, making new friends and collections along the way! With the map of Klondike before you, there is no limit to your capabilities, no limit to the locations, challenges, and opportunities.

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