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State of survival


King of Avalon

Arm yourself! As you must come prepared to tackle the tumultuous world of dragons, an ever-present threat to the lives of our heroes that strive to eliminate the beasts of the land. In your mission to conquer the ancient monsters that seek to destroy your world, you will have a series of loyal warriors at your side, each with their own select set of skills to combat the evil that awaits you beyond the walls of the castle. First, we have Lancelot, the great companion of Arthur, the most legendary of all the Knights of the Round Table. Above all in the kingdom, he has risen to be the most successful in battle, the most ferocious of combatants, the perfect soldier to accompany you in the offensive against the dragons that seek to take all from your people.

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Furthermore, we have the mysterious Hua Mulan, a warrior accidentally summoned from a land far to the east by the power of Merlin’s magic. It is said that, in her previous life, she took her father’s place in the army and led the people of her nation to victory in spite of all the odds. All the while, she was to hide her true nature from the world that she sought to protect. Adept in the use of countless foreign weapons and tactics, along with speed and agility to best any other warrior, Mulan presents the ideal candidate for any fighting force. To further support your efforts in defending the vast kingdom, you will have the aid of Evaine the Bestower. Known to be the kindest sorceress of the land, Evaine too has devoted much of her life to the healing of all who are in need of her magical tough and is committed to aiding any Lord who protects the peace of the Kingdom. Also at your side in the battle, we have Orlando the Nightshard. Once the leader of the Knights, this warrior has developed a reputation due to his selflessness in combat, especially given his actions during the fight against the Unmelted. Through the many trials of his life in battle, he continues to battle for what he believes to be right. Last but not least, we have King Arthur’s Soul. Arthur, the original King of Avalon and owner of Excalibur, was known as the leader of the Round Table and the bringer of peace to his land, that was until his murder at the hands of the evil Morgana. With this host of battle-hardened warriors at your side ready to protect their great land, you must collaborate to defend. Gradually build and defend your bases from the various castles, working your way toward the great throne of the Empire.